Wildfire's conferencing is world wide.

Wildfire’s conferencing is world wide.

Wildfire allows you to conference with up to six callers using its distinctive and capable feature, which lets you establish ‘On-the-Fly’ conferencing with both inbound and outbound calls.

Here is an illustration: You call John and while you are on the call, you need to talk to Alex. You direct Wildfire to call Alex and all three of you talk about the issue. Now, there is a ‘Call Whisper’ fromSandy. So, you request John and Alex to hold, receive the call from Sandy privately and converse with him swiftly, briefing him about what you have been talking with John and Alex, and link him to the conference call. Thus, you create a smooth and seamless four-directional conference call. Note that you do it hands-free, just with your voice.

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Wildfire’s unqiue conference calling.