Call Return

Spread the good news with Wildfire.

Spread the good news with Wildfire.

When you want to return a call after you hear a message, you just have to say ‘Give them a call’. Wildfire makes the call immediately.

As ‘she’ requests the caller to provide their phone number along with their message, ‘she’ can help you contact them quickly.  In case they are already in your contact list, ‘she’ won’t request for their number because it is already known to ‘her.’

You also get the ‘Virtual Phone-book/Rolodex’ from Wildfire, and you can use it round-the-clock, regardless of your location. It allows you to store 150 contacts, with five phone numbers for each contact.

You can use voice-dialing to call your contacts; for instance, you say ‘Call’, ‘John Smith’ and Wildfire asks you ‘At which place’, to which you respond by saying ‘work’ or some other specified place.

Hear a small commentary about Voice Activated Calling.

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