Wildfire in Action

Wildfire Virtual Assistant


A sample session of Wildfire in action:


To begin, simply dial in and enter your

passcode, either by voice or by touch-tone.



Wildfire!                 What can I do for you?

Call.                          “Call whom?

Chris Lee.               “Chris Lee; at work?”

Yes.                           “Dialing…

[After talking with Chris he hangs up.]

Wildfire!                   “Here I am!

Find.                          “Find what?”

New messages.

I found three new messages.
The first is from Mike Perez.

What’s it say?

The meeting’s on for two o’clock tomorrow.
Be sure to bring the latest version of the proposal.

Remind me.            “About what?”

“Print out the newest version of the proposal
and Fed-Ex a copy to Chris.”

Got it.  When?


At what time?


Today at three in the
afternoon, is that correct?


Got it!  I’ll set my watch

Goodbye, Wildfire.