Project Manager

Project Manager in the field, fielding phone calls.

The job of a project manager involves a schematic of workflow, vendors, subcontractors, staff, shipments, and the list continues. Communication to all parties involved including the state, county and local authorities is essential when things happen, so multiple lines, voice activation and conference calls are vital, requiring the need to know the inbound caller before answering or make calls whilst holding other calls.

A quick conference call can move a project along quickly rather than a delay while trying to talk one on one to all parties.

Reminders are quite important to keep track of things, as it is not always possible to take the time to jot down notes, so, right after a call in Wildfire set yourself a reminder.

Wildfire would be of immense help, as its voice recognition allows hands-free functionality, anytime and in any place.

On-the-Fly’ conference conference’ is a wonderful feature of Wildfire that allows six people to join in a single conference call, or a group of persons can join multiple conference calls. .

Listen to a comment about time, money, and clients.

Responding back to clients is Critical .