Law Office

Confident manner displayed.

Law offices require a viable means to communicate with their existing or prospective customers while finding a means to bring down overhead. Virtual services are an ideal solution, which allows their front-office staff to concentrate in other areas increasing workflow efficiently.

It is important to convey a professional image to inbound callers while providing them the options to request an extension or zero out for operator during particular time durations. Attorneys must know the inbound caller beforehand, to decide whether to receive the call or direct it to voice-mail or create a conference call, while maintaining the ‘privacy‘ of their location.

Wildfire provides a Reception Assistant greeting, along with a directory to let the inbound caller choose the right extension. ‘Call Screening‘ and ‘Call Whisper‘ are nice features that announce the caller’s name providing the options to receive the call or forward it to voice-mail. It is easy to set up an ‘On-the-Fly‘-conference, whether it is with inbound callers and/or outbound calls.   Wildfire has all the items necessary to create a professional and efficient environment for an attorney.

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