Event Planner

Business woman on the move to her next meeting.

An event planner has to make and receive lots of calls each day. Therefore, it would be convenient to have one number to receive all calls and messages, instead of having to provide several numbers such as a cell phone, office telephone or home telephone to inbound callers and constantly checking with assistants for messages.

A Call Screening is vital to decide whether to receive a call or just direct it to voice mail.

Owing to the large number of inbound, as well as outbound calls involved in the job, it is important to have the flexibility to attend to two or more calls simultaneously, as well as, making ‘On-the-Fly’ conference calls. Moreover, handling of voice mail is quick if sorted by caller or time of arrival.

With Wildfire, it is possible to benefit from the privacy facilitated by ‘one number’, so that the cell phone number, home number, office numbers or current location remains private to callers.

Wildfire is a virtual assistant that conveys a new caller’s identity prudently with a ‘Call Whisper’, even while attending another call.

Interesting comment regarding stress and freedom.

Virtual Assistant freedom by Wildfire