Are there any other special messaging features?

Wildfire Virtual Assistant


There are some amazing advantages provided by a virtual assistant.


Returning calls: While you are listening to the messages you’ve received, you decide you want to return a call immediately; Wildfire will do it in a flash for you.  How you ask, Wildfire asked for the callers’ number when taking the message.  99% of the time people do not want a return call on their Caller ID.  Ah, the caller is a contact in your virtual phone book, just tell Wildfire which placed to call or dial a phone number.

Yet another interesting feature is that callers have the option to leave their message, instead of getting their calls connected to you. Suppose, your friend Justin Wrotham, calls at 10 am to confirm your golf schedule for the weekend, rather than put his call through he can opt to leave a message without interrupting you. For each call, Wildfire will question if the caller prefers to be connected or wishes to leave a message.