What is Call Screening?

Wildfire Virtual Assistant
Call screening seems like an interesting term, but what is its purpose?

A Wildfire personal assistant asks for the name of every person who accesses you via Wildfire, before getting them connected to you. A big advantage of this feature is that it relieves you from importune callers, who will disconnect the moment Wildfire asks them for their name.

Further, it announces the name of all callers, and you can either receive the call or let the caller leave his or her message. Callers won’t be able to find out why you didn’t take the call, whether it was because you were not at your desk or whether you intentionally turned down the call.

Wildfire allows you to set a specific time period(s) for receiving calls each day or just receive only the important ones.  In the time duration set for important calls only, callers will hear your message that says you are available only for urgent calls; Wildfire sends urgent calls to you, while directing others to leave their message. You may even set her not to receive any inbound calls for specific hours of your day, such as sleeping or some other important time.

Wildfire’s call screening works on any kind of phone and at any location, round-the-clock.  You just have to notify Wildfire where you will be receiving calls, and Wildfire will announce the incoming callers name to you when you take the call.