How do I make conference calls?

Wildfire Virtual Assistant

I need a quick way to create conference calls.

Is it too difficult and time consuming to set up a conference call?

It’s too easy! You don’t need any device or instrument, you simply tell Wildfire to call the contact names or phone numbers you wish to include in your conference, or tell them to call your Wildfire directly. The power of Wildfire is you have immediate access to six lines for ‘On-the-Fly’ conference calls, no matter where your location maybe.

Let’s say, you are talking to Shelia over phone, and Wildfire tells you that Jose is calling on another line, and instantly it dawns on you that you could speak to both the callers together. Instead of switching between the calls or disconnecting to make a conference call afterward, you can use a couple of voice commands to merge the calls into a conference. Further, you can keep receiving inbound calls and even make outbound calls by putting the conference call on hold; the callers in the conference will go on with their discussion until you join them.