Is this expensive?

Wildfire Virtual Assistant

Such a service with so many functional features to handle essential tasks has to be expensive. 

Are the charges going to be exorbitant?

Wildfire offers pricing plans that are similar to cellular plans, select a plan based on your usage.

In order to find out if a Wildfire virtual assistant is worth it and if its utility features exceed the cost, you need to analyze your situation. People who use the phone for about two hours per day have found that they save half-an-hour or more per day by having virtual assistants. Considering a 40-hour-week of five working days, users save a day and half of quality time each month.  Imagine what you would do with the extra twelve hours a month.

Undoubtedly, a virtual assistant is a tad more expensive than general voicemail systems, call forwarding, call waiting or caller id options. If these options are sufficient for your business needs and if you rarely lose deals or have problems with phones, then you may not need the services of a virtual assistant.

On the other hand, if you are subject to frequent disappointments due to time wasted on phone calls, and stuck with voicemails, but cannot think of appointing extra staff*, you may need the services of an efficient virtual assistant like Wildfire. When you compare the cost of a virtual assistant with that of employing a human assistant, the former is only a fraction of the latter, and a virtual assistant works round-the-clock.

*Employing a full time staff costs a minimum of $28,000 a year, considering the minimum wages, payroll taxes, workers compensation, health benefits and miscellaneous costs; providing you can get hold of a trustworthy and efficient person who is ready to accept a minimum wage.

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