Will I have to change my current phone numbers?

Wildfire Virtual Assistant
There is no need.

One number is all you need with Wildfire.

Consider how many phone numbers you would have to give out if it is important for you to be available.  Whether it is a normal business call or an urgent message, for people to stay in communication with you requires a loss of privacy as you provide them a laundry list of telephone numbers.

But, with a virtual assistant, you get a single phone number. You can retain your existing phone numbers or you can take advantage of this chance and change the numbers to get back your privacy.

Your Wildfire virtual assistant directs incoming calls to you, regardless of your location. But, callers will not have the slightest idea of your location, whether it is your home, office or another city or a vacation destination. They are simply aware that they have been able to contact you, without having to dial four or five numbers or leave messages at voicemails and answering machines.