What specifically can a Wildfire virtual assistant do?

 Wildfire Virtual Assistant

Wildfire virtual assistant is accessible round-the-clock.

  • Give only one number to your callers to connect with you.
  • It uses a straightforward human interface.
  • Screen calls, direct calls and announce the caller names to you on any phone.
  •  Store your contacts in a ‘virtual phone book’, which lets you voice-dial whenever you want.
  • Whispers the name of new callers into your ear, while you are currently on the phone with Wildfire; in case the incoming call is important, you have the control to place the first call on hold and take the incoming call, or let it go to voice mail and continue with the first call.
  •  Return calls without the need to disconnect and dial a number.
  • Use multiple phone lines in one session, allowing you to make or take many calls at the same time, with no need for any accessories at your end.
  • Schedule and set reminders for business tasks, client’s birthday, and follow-ups.
  • Organize mutual conference calls effortlessly.
  • Call notifications and reminders sent to cell phones, emails or alphanumeric pagers.
  • Remain in contact with members of your Wildfire group by using Wildfire’s ‘Virtual Hallway’.