Wildfire, a Virtual Assistant – Conceived for individuals on the Fast Track

“Here I am!”

…Who can stay in touch with the world even when they are away from their office.  You can be anywhere, on an airplane, ship, hotel, home, vacation, on the road or just out for a walk; Wildfire – your personal virtual assistant is there for you.


Imagine the freedom with Wildfire.

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Stay in Control Any Time, Anywhere.

…Wildfire’s Voice Activated Personal Assistant understands diverse spoken commands providing you with optimum safety and efficiency, even while on the road.

Your Personal assistant will answer, make calls, conference, and transfer your calls with simple commands.  Call Whisper/Announce feature provides the privacy you need to stay in charge of your communications. If your telephone is your lifeline, then Wildfire is for you.

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Connectivity – how important it is.

Get Wildfire –  

…a virtual assistant that will make you as productive out of the office as you are when you are in the office.

You’re on the list, aren’t you?

You’re on the list, aren’t you?

Virtuosity’s clients are people whose business and personal lives depend on staying in touch

road warriors, wired mobile professionals, sales reps, consultants, entertainment industry professionals, home offices, physicians, attorneys, brokers, contractors, large corporations, medium corporations, small corporations, entrepreneurs…

You’re on the list, aren’t you?